Google Maps Show Round Earth, No More Flat

Google Maps Show Round Earth, No More FlatEarlier this week, Google Maps released several updates to improve the experience of users trying out digital maps.

For example, the addition of battery status to the “location sharing” feature, as well as restaurant recommendations that are considered suitable for the user. Closing this week, Google Maps also released an interface update.

If the user usually sees a map in two dimensions (2D), it is now in three dimensions (3D) or called “3D Globe Mode”.

Google boasting 3D Globe Mode provides a more accurate perspective on the Earth in a rounded shape. The Cupertion giant called the scale of each region even more precise in 3D than 2D.

One example, Greenland looks as large as Africa when viewed from a 2D perspective. Though the size is clearly different and the user can see it when fully zoomed out.

Google Maps announces the update of its service interface via its personal Twitter account (@googlempas), as compiled by KompasTekno, Sunday (05/08/2018).

This interface change is arguably insignificant compared to other features released by Google Maps throughout the week.

However, this also indicates that Google is a supporter of round earth, not flat earth.

For a while, Google Maps 3D Globe Mode is only available for desktop access. It is not clear when it will be brought to the application. Let’s wait.