Giroud 0 Goals in 380 Minutes, but Lasting on Starting XI France

Giroud 0 Goals in 380 Minutes, but Lasting on Starting XI FranceOlivier Giroud is still 0 goals from 380 appearances in the 2018 World Cup. But the role and contribution Giroud make it still lasting in the starting XI France.

Except in the opening match of France at the 2018 World Cup, an Australian opponent, Giroud routinely fill one place in the starting XI France so far.

The latest, 31-year-old attacker was selected Didier Deschamps to become the spearhead of France in a 2-0 win over Uruguay in the quarterfinals. As it was already in the 2018 World Cup, Giroud did not make a goal.

Thus, according to statistics, Giroud has now been recorded past 380 minutes at the World Cup in 2018 without making a grain of any goal. He has already fired seven shots, six of them in the penalty area, with one that leads to the target.

“It’s true Olivier has not made a goal yet, but I repeat, not yet,” Deschamps said as quoted by the BBC.

“He may not have a flamboyant style from other players but the team needs him in every game because although he does not make goals, he does a lot for us.” Olivier is important for our team and create our style, “he said.

Giroud actually started the 2018 World Cup by sitting on the bench. In France’s 2-1 win over Australia, Giroud only played in the final 20 minutes to replace Ousmane Dembele. But since then Giroud has been lasting in the starting XI.

“The opponent of Argentina (in the last 16) he made assists for Mbappe and we need such support patterns,” Deschamps said.

“Of course it would be good if he would make a goal, but he always had an important role for us, he was unselfish and never complained of every hard work.Because his style of play, he is not only useful when attacking but also survive.

“He contributes a great deal to the balance of the team and the players around him who can benefit from being there because he has a lot of attention to his opponent,” he said.

The next France will face Belgium in the 2018 World Cup semifinals. If nothing matters, Giroud still seems to be lasting in the starting XI Les Bleus thanks to his role and contribution, though so far not as an opponent’s goal-goer.