Fuss with the Wife, A Fad Tega Got Her Baby’s Neck Alone

Fuss with the Wife, A Fad Tega Got Her Baby's Neck AloneVillagers of Jambu, Tebo Ulu Sub-district, Tebo District, Jambi Friday, July 20, 2018, was thrown off with the discovery of the bloody baby’s body lying in the bushes. The known baby body named Rifki burusia 8 months, allegedly is a victim of murder committed by his own father.

The victim’s grandfather named Amsir explained that the incident started on Thursday, July 19, 2018, he saw the perpetrators quarrel and fight each other with his wife, approximately at 22:00 pm.
After a fuss the perpetrator who is his real father immediately went to bring his child. “After he fussed with his wife he went straight with his son,” said Amir.

He added, had worried about his grandson who brought the perpetrator until the early hours do not go home. “I am with residents to find my grandson who brought his father until dawn but did not visit,” he continued.

However, the next morning his grandfather got word of the baby’s discovery from the citizens. Once to the location and see immediately it turns out the baby is his grandson.

“In the morning I was able to hear from the residents that there was a baby’s discovery by a blood-soaked citizen, after arriving there the baby was my grandson,” she cried.

The first victim is known by a citizen named Sabro Dajal approximately at 07.00 Wib. At that time, he was about to go to the garden. However, he was very surprised to find a toddler lying bloody in the bushes in Hamlet III Village Jambu.