France lead Croatia 2-1 in First Round in the 2018 World Cup Final

France lead Croatia 2-1 in First Round in the 2018 World Cup FinalThree goals have been created in the first round of 2018 World Cup finals between France and Croatia. France took a 2-1 lead over Croatia at halftime.

In the final match of the 2018 World Cup at Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday (15/07/2018), Croatia appear pressing since the early minutes. They did not give French a chance to develop the game.

But the attacks that Croatia launched into the 15th minute has not produced results. France’s back line looks solid to break Croatian efforts.

France got a free kick in front of the Croatian penalty box in the 18th minute following Marcelo Brozovic’s offense against Antoine Griezmann.

Griezmann came forward as the executor. His shot was driven away by Mario Mandzukic, but the Croatian striker’s header instead turned the ball into his own goal. France was winning 1-0.

Croatia tried to retaliate. But Damagoj Vida’s header that continued Luka Modric bait still bounced over the crossbar.

Croatian efforts to equalize the score to fruition in the 28th minute. The failure of the French back line dispels free kicks exploited by Croatia.

The ball that deflected Mandzukic then fell to Vida’s feet and passed to Perisic. Perisic controlled the ball and then fired a shot with his left foot to break down Hugo Lloris’s goal.

The drama took place in the 35th minute. The corner kick from Griezmann who headed Blaise Matuidi claimed Perisic’s hand. The referee immediately gave a signal to check the VAR. After watching the video, the referee decided to award France a penalty.

Griezmann quietly outwits Danijel Subasic. His left-kick to the left that Subasic failed to grasp restored France’s advantage.

Score 2-1 to French advantage lasted until the first half was completed.

Composition of Players

France: Lloris, Pavard, Varane, Umtiti, Lucas, Mbappe-Lottin, Pogba, Kante, Matuidi, Griezmann, Giroud

Croatia: Subasic, Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Strinic, Rebic, Rakitic, Brozovic, Perisic, Modric, Mandzukic