Forced to Jump, 19-Year-Old Teenager Killed in Rescue Work

Forced to Jump, 19-Year-Old Teenager Killed in Rescue WorkA 19-year-old teenager in India was reportedly killed in a rescue exercise. Proclaimed Hindustan Times Friday (13/7/2018), the exercise was held National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on the campus of Coimbatore.

In the exercise that took place on Thursday (12/7/2018), the girl named N Logeswari was located on the second floor of the campus.

In the video that was circulated, then by NDMA TR Arumugham instructor, Logeswari was told to jump. However, the girl did not want to. Eyewitnesses explain, Arumugham forced Logeswari to jump. However, because the girl did not want to, she was then encouraged.

Logeswari had fallen, and then hit with the head first. He was immediately rushed to the University Hospital of Coimbatore.

However, by doctors he was declared dead on the way to the hospital due to suffered head injuries as well as neck fractures.

Logeswari is a second-year student at Kovai Kalaimagal University of Arts and Sciences in Coimbatore. Police sources explained, NDMA is scheduled to hold rescue training on campus where Logeswari study. “In the exercise, NDMA instructors have asked students and college students to jump from the second floor,” the source said.

Coimbatore Police Superintendent Pa Moorthy said Arumugham had been arrested and immediately interrogated by the investigator. “After receiving the information from the student who saw directly, the instructor will be processed according to Indian Criminal Law,” said Moorthy.