Follow the Challenges on YouTube, This Girl Is Unintentionally Burning Yourself

Follow the Challenges on YouTube, This Girl Is Unintentionally Burning YourselfA 12-year-old girl accidentally ignites her own body into a human fireball while trying to follow a challenge from the YouTube site.

Timiyah Landers shouted for help after the challenge of self-immolation did turn bad.

Launching from the Washington Post, the challenge made by Timiyah requires him to flush himself using alcohol before then igniting it with fire.

The incident occurred on Friday (08/17/2018) then, when Timiyah invited her friends to play in her family’s home in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

At the time of the incident, Timiyah’s mother, Brandi Owens and her partner, Marquell Sholar were in the eastern room, while Timiyah and her friends were in another room. Suddenly Owens heard a popping sound and was followed by a cry for his daughter’s help.

When seen, her daughter’s body was covered by fire from her knees to her head. Luckily, with the swift action by Owens, the fire that burned Timiyah’s body could be extinguished and they immediately took him to the hospital.

Timiyah suffered second and third degree burns in almost half of his body. He is still in intensive care at the hospital and takes several months to recover. The incident experienced by her daughter caused Owens to be filled with astonishment. “Timiyah looks like a fireball.

He shouted for help, “he told the Washington Post.” I reflexively grabbed my daughter’s body. “I don’t feel the fire, I just want to save it,” he continued.

Owens then asked his daughter about what he was doing. According to him, his daughter washed alcohol into his hands and then lit it with fire.

“He did a dangerous challenge after being told that one of his friends had done it and had only minor burns,” Owens said.

But what happened was not as expected because the fire did not just evaporate alcohol in his hand, but it covered the body of his daughter.

Owens suspected it was because Timiyah had previously sprayed perfume on her body and made the fire out of control.

“They don’t expect such a thing to happen. That should only be a challenge and this is a lesson for all,” he said.