Flooded, Swedish Underground Station Is Made by Residents

Flooded, Swedish Underground Station Is Made by ResidentsThe floods that soaked the subway stations were rarely experienced by residents of Uppsala City, Sweden. However, facing such a situation, residents actually take an unusual solution: by turning the station into a “swimming pool”.

Proclaimed Sputnik, Wednesday (1/8/2018), the train station in the city was flooded by rain that goes down all weekend, with some areas reaching the heights to the knees of adults.

But instead of leaving the station that turned into the pool, people just bring things to have fun and start partying.

Many of them carry tires and swim, relax, as seen in photos published on Twitter and Instagram.

A man came with full equipment, with scuba mask and water pistol, while a woman named Sarah Thoren brought her flipper and umbrella.

“I’m not going to say it’s the freshest water I’ve ever used for a bath, so I have to take a shower with a shower afterwards,” Sarah said.

However, shortly thereafter, people were asked to leave by the security guards for fear that water might drain electricity and electrocution. In fact, all who swim are actually lucky because they are not stung by electricity.

The city government finally managed to pump water on Sunday night, and on Monday, the station has returned to normal.