Flash floods in India, 27 killed

Flash floods in India, 27 killedFlash floods have washed away at least 27 people in the southern state of Kerala, India. The flash flood prompted the United States to issue warnings to its citizens to stay away from tourist spots.

Pangai State, known for its beaches lined with natural coconut trees and tea gardens, is washed down by heavy rain every year. But in this season, the rain flushed harder and was very severe.

Across India, more than 700 people were killed in the floods of the rainy season. Last year, the death toll reached 1,200.

In Kerala, soldiers were deployed in rescue efforts after two days of heavy rains forcing the apparatus to open 24 doors to drain excess water.

As many as 20 thousand people were forced to evacuate in 260 camps. A total of 57 tourists including 24 foreigners were stranded at the hilltop station, Munnar.

A reservoir door opened for the first time, located at the foot of the Idukki mountains. The door had not been opened for the past 26 years.

“So far, 24 dams have been opened, something that has never happened before and illustrates the seriousness of the situation we face,” said the Minister of Kerala (Governor-level), Pinarayi Vijayan via his Twitter account.

“People who live in the flow of these dams must be careful,” he said.

Seeing the magnitude of the damage, the US Embassy in India appealed to its citizens to avoid flood-affected areas and continued to monitor local media to keep up with weather developments.

More than one million foreign tourists visited Kerala last year. The Kerala government has banned lorries and tourist vehicles from operating in the Idukki District.

The rainy season which has been going on since June and is estimated to September killed 70 people in the Indian state of 33 million people. Floods caused by heavy rain have also damaged millions of dollars worth of crops.