Fire Apartment, This Mother Throws Her Two Children from the Fourth Floor

Fire Apartment, This Mother Throws Her Two Children from the Fourth FloorThis news from China illustrates the unlimited love of a mother who is willing to sacrifice herself for the safety of her children.

On Friday (08/03/2018), an apartment building in Xuchang city, Henan province, the central region of China caught fire.

One of the residents in the apartment building was a woman and her two children, one girl and one man.

When the fire broke out the mother and her two children were trapped in their residence on the fourth floor of the building.

There was no safe exit for them because the fire had begun to spread and the building had begun to be filled with fire.

The only way to save yourself from the possibility of being killed by a fire is the apartment window.

The fire caught the attention of residents who crossed the streets. One person who happened to cross then recorded the incident using his cellphone.

Suddenly visible from the window of the fourth floor of the building, the woman threw two sheets of bed linen which were then arrested by the residents below. Residents then spread the sheets together so they can be used to catch the girls.

And sure enough, soon the woman threw her two children in turn, all of whom survived because they were arrested by the residents. After successfully rescuing the two children, residents shouted and asked the woman to jump.

Unfortunately, after throwing her two children, the woman collapsed from overhaling the smoke from the fire that had filled her apartment. The firefighters who arrived at the scene could then reach the woman’s apartment and find her lying on the floor.

The woman with her two children was then taken to the hospital, but unfortunately the mother eventually died. According to Henan TV television station, the girl suffered a broken leg and immediately underwent surgery.

Meanwhile, the boy does not experience significant injury. Until now the cause of the emergence of fire is unknown.