Fighting the Pigs’ Carcasses, Two Big Crocodiles Fight on the River

Fighting the Pigs' Carcasses, Two Big Crocodiles Fight on the RiverA tour boat with 25 people traveling across the Adelaide River, Australia got a rare sight when two large crocodiles fought.

The two crocodiles named Brutus and Dominator were recorded by a camera fighting for the carcass of a large enough pig. Brutus, the saltwater crocodile has a length of 5.3 meters, while the Dominator is slightly smaller with a size of 5 meters.

The two crocodiles wrestled in the brown river water fighting over the carcasses of pigs when the tour boat approached. Harry Bowman from Adelaide River Cruise said Brutus actually got the pig carcass first.

However, the crocodile cannot maintain its prey for a long time. “Within minutes, Dominator slipped from the other side of the boat and immediately attacked Brutus, the base of a bad boy,” said Harry.

As a result, the battle between the two wild animals is inevitable. And, according to Harry, it is very rare that this kind of battle can be witnessed directly. “Moreover, they usually spend more time on the banks of the river,” added Harry.

Despite losing big, Dominator finally got the pig carcass. “Dominator immediately swam into the middle of the river with a pig in his mouth. I’m sure he smiled satisfied,” said Harry.

The dominator who won the fight reportedly disappeared for a few days after the event. He then reappears with a larger stomach size.

“Surely his stomach is full of pork,” Harry said. Brutus and Dominator have repeatedly made news in the Northern Territory, Australia due to the ferocity of their rivalry. In 2016, Brutus was found with a huge wound on his body. It is believed that only Dominators can injure Brutus like that.

The owner of Adelaide River Cruises Morgan Bowman suspects there is a third crocodile trying to disturb Brutus’s territory. “Dominators don’t like Brutus, that’s for sure. However, we always try to separate the two of them,” Morgan said.