Female Tourists Driven from the Back by British Royal Guard

Female Tourists Driven from the Back by British Royal GuardThere has been a record showing a Chinese tourist being pushed from behind by a British royal bodyguard performing a task at Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is located about 35 km from the British capital London and serves as the venue for the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle recently.

The female tourist was standing on the inside of the safety rope that was usually used to indicate which parts were allowed when a guard walked from behind.
The tourist apparently stood to be photographed as the bodyguard of the Queen’s Guard regiment walked without regard for the woman, and then the tourist almost dropped.

The woman screamed in surprise, but the guard continued to make his move without showing any reaction.

The Queen’s Guard is known for its red uniforms and the hats of the bear feathers indeed assigned to preserve the various residence belonging to the royal family of England.

The incident caused much debate in social media, about who was wrong in the event and also about the origin of the female tourist.

The tape was widely circulated in Chinese social media Weibo, but it is thought to have been widely distributed through WeChat or WhatsApp.

As part of the post, there is a hashtag #, whose translation is “over the allowed limit, photographed, and driven by the Royal Guard.

The post got thousands of comments.

Tim Hague, a British BBC presenter wrote in Weibo that the task of the Royal Guard is to protect the British royal family.

“The rope is to be a sign that we should not pass it, and if you do so, the guard has the right to determine if you are a danger to the place they are escorting,” he said.

“They are allowed to use weapons in situations like this, pushing to be seen as the softest way to solve problems like this.”

It is not clear when the recording was made.