Fat Cat Weighs 15 Kilograms, Live a Strict Diet

Fat Cat Weighs 15 Kilograms, Live a Strict DietObesity was not only befall humans, a cat belonging to a resident of Michigan, USA is also suffering from acute overweight.

Bronson, a three-year-old cat, has a jumbo body weight of 15 kilograms when he arrived at the West Michigan Humane Society shelter in May after his owner died.

The weight of the cat was twice libat compared to the average weight of the cat even the circumference of the stomach measuring 81 centimeters.

The volunteers at the shelter suspect the owner of Bronson often feeds him so much that the cat’s body is swollen.

In May, this fat cat attracted the attention of Mike Wilson’s partner (35) and Megan Hanneman (29) who wanted to adopt a cat.

The couple knows Bronson is helping his body weight down a few pounds. They finally decided to adopt Bronson. Megan and Mike then run a strict diet for Bronson as recommended by the veterinarian.

Doctors restrict food to Bronson containing only 375 calories a day. “When we saw Bronson, you were very surprised to see a cat with very large size, he needed help,” Mike said.

Mike and Megan who have three cats at their residence are determined to lower Bronson weights at least 0.5 kilograms a month. Later if Bronson’s body is slim enough then he will run the surgery to fix a broken bite.

“Our veterinarian found one of his teeth broken and had to be pulled out, but with his weight now the process of anesthesia can be dangerous,” says Mike.

So far, Mike continued, Bronson’s weight had been reduced by almost a kilogram and he hoped in a few months the weight of the cat could reach an ideal point.