Failed Penalty, Cristiano Ronaldo Carved Record Unwell

Failed Penalty, Cristiano Ronaldo Carved Record UnwellCristiano Ronaldo failed to execute a penalty for Portugal when his side offset Iran 1-1 in the 2018 World Cup. The failure made him carve a record uncomfortable.

Portugal ensure tickets qualify for the last 16 World Cup 2018 with predicate runner-up Group B under Spain. Both teams both have 5 points with equal goal difference, but La Roja leads a thin goal productivity rather than Selecao das Quinas.
Ronaldo, who in two previous matches scored all Portugal goals (4 goals), actually had a chance to add his coffers of goals in the 2018 World Cup. But the execution of his penalty from the white point thwarted goalkeeper Alir Beiranvand.
Ronaldo is now making a bad record as the first Portuguese player to fail to execute a penalty in the normal time of the World Cup match (aka excluding the round of penalties). It was also the sixth time Ronaldo failed to perform his duties as Portugal’s penalty executor, out of a total of 14 chances he had gotten from a white spot.
The BBC also noted that two of the three penalties that Ronaldo had taken in the World Cup were against Iran; before Ronaldo was able to break the Iran goal from the white point at the 2006 World Cup.

Another Ronaldo penalty at the World Cup came at the start of the 2018 group stage of Russia, when Portugal were 3-3 with Spain. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, preceded by a penalty execution.

While in major tournaments (World Cup and European Cups), Ronaldo’s successful percentage in executing Portugal’s penalty is now 50%. In addition to three penalties at the World Cup (2 successes and 1 failed), Ronaldo also never missed a penalty when Portugal scored an unbeaten goal against Austria in the 2016 European Cup group phase.