Fabulous Croatia national team Donate World Cup Gifts 2018 for US $ 28 Million for children’s foundation

Croatia’s national team donated all 2018 World Cup gifts to children’s foundations in their country. Zlatko Dalic’s lead squad is entitled to a cash prize of US $ 28 million as runner-up in Russia.

Vatreni lost 2-4 to France in the 2018 World Cup final at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday (15/7). Despite failing to embrace the trophy, Luka Modric and his friends successfully scored the first time to the finals of the world’s most prestigious tournament tournament.

it beat their predecessors such as Davor Suker and Zvonimir Boban who successfully drove into the 1998 World Cup semifinals. The success of the Croatian national team then celebrated so festive in the country’s Balkan region.
Quoted from the Sport Bible, skuat Vatreni even plans to donate the entire prize money World Cup 2018 as a form of their gratitude.

Inevitably, the Croatian squad became the first in the world to donate all prize money to the children’s foundation. This noble action is done by players and coaches considering the country began to experience crisis as the smallest country in Europe.

Not just Croatia, a number of teams such as England have actually been doing such a good tradition since 2007. Players usually set aside a few percent of the game money in prestigious international competitions that they follow.

A total of £ 5 million (Rp94 billion) of donations from the Three Lions have been raised and that number will continue to increase as Gareth Southgate’s team and his comrades succeed to the semis and rank fourth.

England lost 2-1 to Croatia in the semi-finals. In the race for third place, Harry Kane and his comrades lost 2-0 to Belgium.

As is known, the team ranked fourth in the 2018 World Cup is entitled to a prize of US $ 22 million. While Belgium gets a cash prize of US $ 24 million