Exciting! France Defeat Argentina 4-3

Exciting! France Defeat Argentina 4-3France managed to qualify for the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup after defeating Argentina 4-3. Kylian Mbappe became a French star after packing a pair of goals.

In the last 16 of the Kazan Arena on Saturday (30/06/2018), both teams balanced 1-1 to halftime. France opened the scoring thanks to Antoine Griezmann’s penalty, which kicked off with Angel Di Maria’s caulkick in the last minute.

After the break, Argentina was able to continue the momentum to turn 2-1 ahead through Gabriel Mercado. However, in the end France managed to snatch the victory that ensured two Mbappe goals.
Substitute, Sergio Aguero thins the position in injury time. However, not enough to prevent Argentina from defeat.

With this breakthrough, France is just waiting for the opponent. Les Bleus will face the winner between Uruguay against Portugal in the quarterfinal match on 6 July.
The game

Argentina started the attack, but it was France that created the first real chance.

In the ninth minute, from set-piece. Hard kick Antoine Griezmann slid curved over the crossbar of Argentina.

The French counter-attack forced Marcos Rojo to drop Kylian Mbappe in the forbidden box so the referee pointed to the spot. Griezmann advanced as an executor and successfully netted the ball into the middle of the goal to bring France 1-0 up in the 13th minute.

In the 20th minute, a quick counterattack of France to make Argentina shattered. Mbappe was freed up front after receiving a long pass from behind, forcing Nicolas Tagliafico to drop him a dangerous position.

A free shot for France, but Pogba’s hard kick floated above the crossbar of Franco Armani.
Argentina is still having trouble making net chances. Claim penalty filed Gabriel Mercado for assuming Benjamin Pavard do hand ball, but the referee still continue the game.

Argentina finally could score the equalizer in the 42nd minute. Receiving a short pass Ever Banega, Angel Di Maria is not awake outside the penalty box, then release hard kick left foot can not be stopped Hugo Lloris. The score is now 1-1.

Argentina started the second half with a slick. Sontekan Mercado, who did not guard against Argentina to overturn the situation 2-1 in the 48th minute.

Goal is created beginning of Banega crossing that forwarded Messi with right leg kick. The ball about the foot of the Mercado turned to penetrate the French goalkeeper.

In the 56th minute, Argentina’s line-back error was almost fatal. Federico Fazio-Armani looked misconceptible so the ball almost Griezmann diceploskan.

Just a minute later, Argentina’s long-awaited goal was created as well. Lucas Hernandez sent a tearful pass that split the Argentine defense, Benjamin Pavard greeted with a first-time shot nested in the top corner of the Armani goal. Score is now 2-2.

France came back in front after Mbappe scored the third goal to change the score to 3-2 in the 64th minute. Individual action Mbappe stabbed the left side of the penalty box, which ended with a horizontal shot.

France took just under five minutes to enlarge the lead over Argentina 4-2. Mbappe successfully carved his name again on the scoreboard.

From a French counterattack involving teamwork, Mbappe continued to bait Giroud with a shot from the right side of the penalty box to the far corner of the Argentine goalkeeper.

Giroud almost finished Argentina. In the 70th minute, Giroud continued Pogba bait with a shot from inside the penalty box. Unfortunately, the ball just berparag on the outside of the goal net Armani.

Argentina almost created a goal to minimize miss. In the last 10 minutes, Messi freed in the penalty box, but kick can still be anticipated Lloris.

Four minutes of injury time, Argentina ran out of time. However, Argentina could finally score additional goals to dilute the distance to 3-4. Substitute Sergio Aguero gore ball cross Messi, who break down the French goalkeeper.

The commotion ensued between the players of both sides, which began with Otamendi’s unsportsmanlike action

The last strike for Argentina during Aguero’s cooperation with Meza. The ball ended up bouncing after Fazio.

The match is thorough, France is entitled to a 4-3 victory from Argentina.

Composition of Players

FRANCE: Lloris, Pavard, Umtiti, Varane, Lucas Hernandez, Kante, Matuidi (Tolisso 75 ‘), Pogba, Griezmann (Fekir 83’), Mbappe (Thauvin 88 ‘), Giroud

ARGENTINA: Armani, Mercado, Otamendi, Marcos Rojo (Fazio 46 ‘), Tagliafico, Banega, Mascherano, Enzo Perez (Aguero 66’), Pavon (Meza 75 ‘), Messi, Angel Di Maria