Employee Stolen Aircraft Airlines from Seattle Airport are dropped

Employee Stolen Aircraft Airlines from Seattle Airport are droppedAn airline employee stole an airplane without a passenger at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, then flew it.

This action occurred on Friday (08/10/2018) night local time. The plane crashed about 50 km from the airport. The New York Times reported, officials in Pierce County said the 29-year-old man was acting alone and allegedly committed suicide.

There are no passengers on the 76-seat aircraft, or injured victims on land.

at the Airport “An airline employee flies a plane without permission and without passengers at Sea-Tac,” the airport management tweeted through a Twitter account. “The plane crashed in Puget Sound south. Sea-Tac Airport operation has returned to normal,” he added.

BBC reported, airport operations were paralyzed when a theft incident occurred, until later the plane crashed in the southern part of Ketron Island, near military facilities.

In audio recordings, the man sounded worried about how much fuel was left on the plane. Meanwhile, the Pierce County police office said two F-15 fighter jets had responded within minutes, after the theft took place.

“We know who he is,” chirped the police, referring to the identity of someone who stole and flew a nurse. “No one else is involved,” he continued.

Information from the police added that the theft was not an act of terrorism.

The perpetrator is believed to be a mechanic and local resident. The Q400 turboprop aircraft belongs to Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines. The parent management said, the plane took off from Seattle-Tacoma airport at around 8:00 p.m.