Egypt ‘Lift Luggage’ due to Strategy Jitu Cherchesov

Egypt 'Lift Luggage' due to Strategy Jitu CherchesovEgyptian national team which originally seeded can accompany Uruguay advanced to the knockout World Cup 2018 just go home early. Egypt certainly failed to qualify for the next round after swallowing two defeats. Before the 1-3 defeat of Russia, Egypt first narrowly lost 0-1 from Uruguay.

It was Stanislav Cherchesov who successfully made Egypt the first team to lift the suitcase from Russia. The 54-year-old’s strategy makes Egypt unable to do much in both matches.
There are at least two big strides from Cherchesov against Egypt, which allowed Russia to qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup.

First, change the composition of the right starter. Against Egypt Cherchesov made two substitutions. Denis Cheryshev played from the beginning to replace injured Alan Dzagoev in the first game. Then Cherchesov also included Artem Dzyuba and reserve Fyodor Smolov who became starter versus Saudi Arabia.

Both Cheryshev and Dzyuba both attest to Cherchesov’s trust. Both of them contributed a goal for Russia in the game against Egypt. Cheryshev scored the second in the 59th minute, while Dzyuba scored the final goal in the 62nd minute.
The existence of two players that make the game more attractive Sbornaya. Cheryshev not only endangered the Egyptian defense from the wings, but also often threatened from the middle sector.

Cheryshev and Dzyuba increasingly complement Cherchesov’s strategy of wanting to foster children to play fast and provide tight pressing to Egypt.
With such play style The Pharaohs are a bit overwhelmed. There was not much room for Hector Cuper’s team, especially in the first half.
Even Egyptian attacks tend to be monotonous and rely on their star, Mohamed Salah. While Salah himself did not much move because ‘turned off’ strategy Cherhesov as tactics sniper both in the game.

Russia’s rear line successfully minimizes false space. Not just one or two players who overshadowed Salah in this fight, but four opposing players always approached the 26-year-old when approaching the Russian penalty box.

The Liverpool star did not create much of a golden opportunity. Although several times had a chance to fire, but not too dangerous goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.
Big Role Wrong in the game just scored from the 73rd minute penalty. The penalty also stems from the violation of Salah by Roman Zobnin.

‘Death’ is also wrong because of the deadlock of the creativity of the Egyptian attack. Not a lot of flow of the ball leads to the former player FC Basel.
The defeat of Egypt was only because of the African team’s misfortune. Egypt defense looks pretty good, unfortunately two of the three goals created by their misfortune. Due to an own goal by Ahmed Fathi (’47) and the Egyptian defender’s failure to anticipate Dzyuba’s moves.
Now, both Salah and Egypt must bury their dreams as far as possible in the 2018 World Cup. Runner up Africa Cup of 2017 is now just melakoni action ‘entertainment’ against Saudi Arabia on Monday (25/6)