€ 7,000 Prize If Help Capture the Wolf Killer in Germany

€ 7,000 Prize If Help Capture the Wolf Killer in GermanyA wolf is killed, tied to a concrete and dumped in a lake. In Germany, killing wolves is a crime, and German wildlife protection groups are asking citizens to help find the killer.

The € 7,000 prize, has been offered for information leading to the capture of a wolf killer. This was announced by the German Organization for the Protection of Wolves on Wednesday (11/07).

The prize is linked to the killing of a 1-year-old wolf in the state of Saxony, whose carcass found on June 10 floats on a lake near the town of Bautzen.

An examination of a wolf carcass by a wildlife research institute in Berlin found that the female wolf was shot dead in the chest and then tied to the ballast concrete with a rope.

“This once again proves that it is not the wolves that are terrible, but human,” said Brigitte Sommer, chairman of the German Organization for the Protection of Wolves.

The prize was offered by Sommer’s organization along with the city of Bautzen and the Facebook group “Wolf ja Bitte.”

“7000 Euros should help get information from people who know about it,” added Sommer.

Wolves are protected by the laws of the European Union and Germany, and killing them is a crime. The Bautzen city government declared the murder a crime, and the state police department of Saxony was investigating it.

Under German law, the penalty for killing a wild wolf includes a fine of thousands of euros or, in some cases, up to five years in prison.

According to wildlife protection groups in Saxony, there have been eight illegal wolf deaths in the state since 2009.

The wolf population in Germany has been the subject of a national debate, with politicians and interest groups disagreeing on how best to manage the ever increasing number of wolves