Durmaz Threatened After Give Free Kick to Germany, Sweden Defends

Durmaz Threatened After Give Free Kick to Germany, Sweden DefendsJimmy Durmaz received racial treatment after playing a big role over Toni Kroos goal in injury time. The Swedish national team squad stands behind the player to fight.

Durmaz was the Swedish midfielder who entered in the 74th minute in a Germany vs Sweden match in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup. He made a foul on Timo Werner in injury time, which gave Germany a free kick when the score showed 1-1.

Kroos, who became the executor managed to scored from a free kick scheme. Germany came out as winners with a score of 2-1.
The defeat made Durmaz a target of abuse in social media. Racial treatment to the threat was addressed to players from the Toulouse club.

A day after the game on Sunday (24/06/2018), the Swedish squad gathered for training. Interestingly, the session began with a reading of a statement from Durmaz for the racial treatment experienced.

Durmaz stands first in front of the media crew, while his comrades are lined up behind him.

“When someone threatens me, when they call me darkie, Arab blooded, terrorist, and Taliban … then it’s too much, and worse, when directing threats to my family and kids … who’s doing things something like that?” Durmaz said as quoted from The Guardian.

“I am Swedish and I am proud to represent the Swedish national team – this is the biggest thing you can do as a footballer I will never let racism destroy my pride We all have to insist against racism,” he continued.
“At the same time I want to thank all those who have supported and showed their love, that means more, please, continue to support Sweden. Durmaz asserted.

The statement concludes with the words “f ** k rasis” from the Swedish squad standing behind it.

Durmaz is a 29-year-old footballer born in Sweden. His parents were bloody Assyrian who immigrated to Turkey.