Due to Overload, Ferry Ships Sink in Tanzania

Due to Overload, Ferry Ships Sink in TanzaniaAt least 126 people were found dead after ferries carrying hundreds of passengers drowned in Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Local officials say the death toll is likely to increase because there are still many missing until the second day of search. It is estimated that many passengers may not be able to swim.

The MV Nyerere ship is expected to be reversed when passengers move to one side of the ship while the ship docked at the dock on Thursday (09/20).
Full of goods and passengers

According to Tanzanian officials, the ferry actually only had a capacity of 100 people but the number of passengers was estimated at 400 people. This excess passenger load has not been added to cargo cargo, including cement and corn.

The MV Nyerere operates on a busy lane, sailing eight times a day between Ukara Island and Ukwerewe in the Gulf of Victoria. The two islands are close to the largest city in Tanzania, Mwanza.

The ship was filled with passengers and merchandise because it coincided with the market day in Bugurora, Ukerewe Island.

As reported by the BBC reporter in Tanzania, Aboubakar Famau, the families of the passengers were very worried about the fate of their relatives.

“I received a call informing me that I lost my aunt, father and younger brother,” said a local resident, Editha Josephat Magesa.

“We were really sad and encouraged the government to provide new ferries because the old boats were small while the population was large.”

Ship accidents such as Lake Victoria also often affect the transport of rivers, lakes and crossings in Indonesia. The latest major tragedy was the sinking of the KM Sinar Bangun ship in Lake Toba, North Sumatra, in June. Until now hundreds of passengers were declared missing.

As in Tanzania, KM Sinar Bangun ships are also overloaded by passengers and goods and the manifest does not reflect the actual number of passengers.