Due to Massacre 292 Crocodile Breeders Loss 450 Million Rupiah

Due to Massacre 292 Crocodile Breeders Loss 450 Million RupiahThe office of CV Mitra Lestari Abadi (MLA) that manages the crocodile’s captivity gets considerable losses after the massacre of 292 crocodiles. They cost hundreds of millions of rupiah.

“The material loss of approximately 450 million rupiah,” said Head of Public Relations West Papua Police AKBP Harry Supriyono in his statement, Sunday (15/07/2018).

Harry gets a report from Sorong Police. In his report, Sorong Police said the residents on Saturday (14/7) yesterday, residents came to CV MLA and then did the destruction.

“Then the whole mob beating, cutting off the crocodiles in the breeding location, causing the 292 crocodiles in the captivity to die,” said Harry.

Massa massacred crocodile because a citizen who died crocodile eaten, on behalf of Sugito, while looking for grass around the crocodile pond, on Friday (13/7/2018) yesterday. The crocodile massacre took place at Airport Road, Klamalu Sub-district, Mariat District, on Saturday (14/7/2018) at 10.30 am yesterday, after the cemetery of the citizens who were devoured by the crocodile.

Of the 292 crocodiles, two government-owned and 290 are licensed holders. Hary explained that crocodile breeding is owned by PT Mitra Lestari Abadi.

“The police conducted information gathering and coordination of brother Albert Siahaan as the owner of PT Mitra Lestari Abadi and the community,” said Hary.