Ducking and Angry When Will Be Kissed Fans, This Beautiful Reporter Is Praised

Ducking and Angry When Will Be Kissed Fans, This Beautiful Reporter Is PraisedA reporter avoids being kissed by 2018 World Cup supporters. Angry at the culprit as he prepares to go live, he gets a lot of praise.

Julia Guimaraes, Brazilian television reporter, was in Ekaterinburg ahead of Japan’s game with Senegal. She was preparing herself in front of the camera for a live show.

Before his live report goes, a man suddenly comes to him and wants to kiss from the right side. Julia Guimaraes with reflexes leaned away from the supporters.
Failed by his efforts, fans who did not wear the football attribute immediately left.

Can be unpleasant treatment, Julia Guimaraes directly menamprat men. Julia Guimaraes’s nagging action made netizens praise him a lot.

“Do not do that, never do that again, OK,” Julia shouted.

“I will not let you do that, never. OK It’s not polite It’s not true Never do that to women again, OK? Respect,” Julia cried again.

Quoted from the Independent, Julia revealed that similar incidents are very often experienced when doing coverage in Russia. While in Brazil he actually never experienced.

Julia is not the first female reporter to be the victim of kissing the 2018 World Cup supporters. A few days ago a Colombian woman reporter also suffered abuse. In addition to being kissed on the live broadcast, his chest also squeezed supporters.