Drama Hostage at Supermarket in Los Angeles, One Person Killed

Drama Hostage at Supermarket in Los Angeles, One Person KilledThe hostage drama took place at a supermarket in Los Angeles, USA, on Saturday (7/21/2018).

Cause one woman died after a shootout between the perpetrator and the police officer.

Delivered officers from the Los Angeles police, the case stems from a family quarrel that occurred in other locations.

Reporting from AFP, in the quarrel, one of the family members of the family opened fire that injured his grandmother and a woman. The man then escaped with his grandmother’s car and brought a woman hostage.

The police also pursued the perpetrators. Wild chase stopped in the courtyard of a supermarket, after the perp’s car stalled after crashing into a pole.

The perpetrator then fled into the supermarket. “While in pursuit, the perpetrator had fired on the police several times before the incident continued outside a supermarket,” Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore told reporters. “The perpetrator then ran into the store and brought many people, including the shopkeepers as hostages,” continued Moore.

Afterwards, officers attempted to negotiate with the perpetrator, requesting to release some hostages. The negotiation process lasted for about three hours before it finally ended with the culprit who handcuffed himself and surrendered to the officers, “Moore said.

During the firefight, the perpetrator was hit by officer fire on the hands, but a woman was reportedly killed and killed at the scene of the shootout. “I am very sorry to say that a woman has been killed by the incident,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said without disclosing the identity of the victim.

Not yet disclosed the identity of hostage perpetrators and the motive of family dispute perpetrators that trigger this case.