Dozens of Residents Alligator Fish in Pangandaran will be Destroyed

Dozens of Residents Alligator Fish in Pangandaran will be DestroyedAt least 20 dangerous alligator fish have been collected and accommodated at the post of dangerous invasive fishing, Office of Maritime, Fishery and Food Security (DKPKP) of Pangandaran Regency. The crocodile is a citizen pet that was voluntarily submitted from 1 July to 31 July 2018.

Known, under Law 31/2004, Law 45/2009 and Regulation of the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries 41/2014, residents who maintain dangerous and invasive fish threatened criminal penalties.

After July 31, there are still people found caught dangerous and invasive fish, will be dealt with firmly. Processed law with 6 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 1.5 billion (US $ 103,917) for maintenance. If there is a deliberate release to nature, threatened with 10 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 2 billion (US $ 138,556).

“The number of fish that is currently accommodated in the post there are 20 heads of 7 owners in Pangandaran who voluntarily submit,” said Station Quarantine Station Quality Control and Fishery Products Security (SKIPM) Cirebon Jajat Sudrajat when contacted Wednesday (1/8/2018 ).
According to him, as long as the handover post is opened, we continue to socialize to the community about the danger of alligator fish.

Crocodile fish are not fish from Indonesia, but from the Amazon river. ehingga when the fish was loose in the waters of Indonesia, it is feared local fish will be consumed.

“This fish will be very disturbing, local fish will be consumed and will damage the ecosystem environment,” he said.

After successfully collected the results of the submission of the community, the plan of dozens of fish this ferocious aligator will be destroyed on Saturday.