Dozens of Congregation Temple Tortured and Killed in Pakistan

20 devotees killed by Pak Sufi shrine custodians with knivesPolice call a Sufi shrine guard at the edge of Sargodha, a remote town in the region of Punjab, Pakistan, torturing and killing 20 parishioners.

Deputy police commissioner of the local area, Ali Chattha, said Abdul Waheed, the suspect, asking the congregation visited the temple and then attack and kill them with the help of his men.

Some victims even found naked.

“When visitors arrive at the temple, Waheed and his accomplices tortured and killed them,” said Chattha told Reuters on Monday (3/4).

Pervaiz Haider, a doctor at a hospital in Sargodha, explained most of the dead were stabbed in the back of their neck with a knife.

Meanwhile, the four survivors were reportedly injured seriously enough in the attack on Sunday morning.

“There were bruises and bruises due to hit batons and daggers on the victim’s body,” he said.

Waheed and two accomplices have been secured local authorities. Police also claim to have found the motive of the attack.

Punjab police chief, Zulfiqar Hameed, said “the 50-year-old man claims to have killed dozens of people because he was afraid they would kill him.”

“The suspect appears to have paranoia and psychotic disorders, or could be done with the motive of this murder rivalry over control of the shrine,” said Hammed as reported by The Guardian.

Therefore, a mystic that is sacred in the temple, Muhammad Ali Gujjar, reportedly killed by poisoned two years ago. Waheed was reportedly afraid of him become the target of further killings.

In addition, children from families Gujjar, who claimed local residents is the legitimate heir of the temple, also killed in the deadly attack.

Ritual visit a popular shrine for Muslims in Pakistan. Sufism is one stream of Islam that has been practiced for centuries and shared by more than a million Muslims in the South Asian country.

In recent months, the Sufi shrine said to be the target of militant Sunni extremists who consider it heretical.

One was the incidence of suicide bombings that killed 80 people and claimed ISIS at a temple in Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, southern Sindh.

Last November, an explosion also destroyed the shrine Shah Noorani in southwestern Pakistan, killing at least 52 people. ISIS also participated claim suicide bombing.