Distressed Pilots and Crying Becomes Cause of Aircraft Accidents in Nepal

Distressed Pilots and Crying Becomes Cause of Aircraft Accidents in NepalInvestigation of a plane crash at Tribhuvan international airport, Kathmandu, Nepal, reveals the facts about the pilot’s emotional condition.

AFP on Monday (08/27/2018) proclaimed, he was known to feel depressed and cry when flying a plane.

The reason, the co-pilot questioned the captain’s ability. Accidents occur on March 12, 2018.

The plane that took off from Dhaka, Bangladesh, crashed when it landed at Kathmandu airport and slipped to reach the soccer field.

The wildly burned iron bird caused 51 lives to float, making it the deadliest flight accident in the Himalayan country in recent decades.

A copy of the draft of the final investigative report seen by AFP shows that the captain of the US-Bangla airline was experiencing emotional distress and distress.

Pressure arises when the female co-pilot questions her reputation as a good instructor. “This distrust and pressure made him continue to smoke inside the cockpit and experience emotions several times during the flight,” the report wrote.

Captain Abid Sultan reportedly cried and sneezed several times on the flight. Sultan is a former Bangladesh Air Force pilot who also works as an airline instructor.

During a short flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu, the Sultan spoke nonstop to impress his junior in the cockpit regarding his competence and skills. Meanwhile, co-pilot named Prithula Rashid has just fulfilled the requirements and has never landed at Kathmandu airport before.

Previously, sources from the airport said there was confusion between air traffic control officers and pilots related to runway numbers. The latest report shows that the difference in understanding of runway 02 or runway 20 has no impact on flights.

The total number of deaths of the accident reached 51 people, including the two pilots. Also read: Malindo Air Plane Slips, Kathmandu Airport Closed 20 passengers can escape when the plane catches fire, but they have suffered a number of injuries.