Directed ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Leaking the Enemy’s Strong Gadot’s figure

Directed 'Wonder Woman 2' Leaking the Enemy's Strong Gadot's figure
In the photo Barbara looks dressed like an ordinary human being. It is in a museum of animal statues.
In comics, there are four different humans who turned into Cheetahs. They are Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, Barbara Ann Minerva and Sebastian Ballesteros.

With Jenkins’s chirp, most likely the Cheetah in the 1984 Wonder Woman film is a transformation of Barbara Ann Minerva. The character first appeared in the comic Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 7 (1987).

Minerva is told as a British archeologist. He did research into Africa until he met one of the tribes of women with the strength of a cheetah.
After having the power, Cheetah is obsessed with possessing Wonder Woman weapons like lasso of truth. Of course it is not easy to grab one of Wonder Woman’s weapons.

Previously, recent reports indicate that filming will begin in the United States in June 2018. The report suggests that filming will take place in areas around Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

This location then becomes an indication that the character of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman seems to be interacting with the US government. Washington is the place where the White House is, while the CIA headquarters are in Virginia.
However, the plot of the Wonder Woman sequel is still not officially revealed. Rumors in circulation call the continuation of the story of Wonder Woman will use the background time of the 1980s, after the Cold War.

Chris Pine who plays as Steve Trevor is rumored to be re-emerged. In the Wonder Woman movie, he committed suicide by blowing up a plane containing toxic gas.

Actors Said Taghmaoui and Ewen Bremner also returned to play. Not only that, according to the Omega Underground report via Ace Showbiz, the original Wonder Woman player Lynda Carter for a TV show aired in the 1970s, reportedly played a part in this sequel.