Diego Godin, The Closer Captain Ever Lonely in the River

Diego Godin, The Closer Captain Ever Lonely in the RiverAs long as there is Diego Godin on the pitch, Atletico Madrid and the Uruguayan national team may be under warranty. It becomes formidable because it is shaped by nature.

Godin by a whistored statistic site is called a defender who “has no significant weakness”. Duel in air and concentration are two of its most prominent strengths.

“I’m always easy to head,” said the player’s 185-centimeter body height one day, which from his head he often make goals.
In addition to the above technical abilities, the other greatness seen is Godin’s leadership. He has even been captain in the elite club of Uruguay, Nacional, at the age of 20 years.

Uruguay national team captain Carlos always began wearing Godin after World Cup 2014, continuing the role previously assumed Diego Lugano, partner klopnya on the back line La Celeste. Up to now 120 caps bagged Godin, and only five adrift of the owner of the record player who most often strengthen Uruguay national team, Maxi Pereira.
Nearly drowned

Narrated thesefootballtimes sites, little Godin never experienced a horror incident. When camping in the open, when he was 4 years old, Godin slipped when looking for fish in the river with his brother. He was swept away.

The elder brother ran to tell his parents. However, when they arrived at the scene, Godin had survived by the river, survived by reaching for whatever he encountered to save himself, while he could not yet swim.

Little Godin is also a brave man. Although his body is slim, but he never gave lessons to an old school friend and big, because often mock him. What Godin did was wait for him outside the classroom and break his nose.

When stepping on teenagers Godin never nearly leave football because it was released by his first club, Defensor. But he decided not to give up when the offer came from Atletico Cerro, although he had to change positions, from the attacking midfielder numbered 10 in Defensor, became a central defender.

“He accepted the job sincerely, at first he was not sure he could play in that position but he was technically good enough and played well in the air,” recalled his coach at Cerro.

So Diego Godin became one of the highly respected central defenders, including thanks to his performance in Russia to lead his colleagues through the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup.
They talk about Godin

“I will never leave him, the greater his respect, both as a footballer, a leader, and a person, I really appreciate him” (Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach)

“He’s a natural leader, he did not say much at first, but now he deserves respect for everyone in the dressing room.” (Diego Forlan, former Uruguay striker and Atletico Madrid).

“There’s nothing more stressful for me when I play against Atletico, they’re so troublesome and Godin is very troublesome: he’s always not far from me, never letting me be alone.” (Luis Suarez, Uruguay and Barcelona striker)

“Godin is the leader in the dressing room He is very good at talking to the team I want to be like that but he can not He always has a way to find the right words for everyone.” (Antoine Griezmann, France striker and Atletico)