Defeat 13 Dogs, This Cats Become the ‘Mayor’ in the United States

Defeat 13 Dogs, This Cats Become the 'Mayor' in the United StatesA 9-year-old cat was elected ‘Mayor’ in Michigan, USA. The cat named ‘Sweet Tart’ was selected after surpassing 13 dogs and a number of other animals.

Quoted from US local media, Miami Herald, Friday (27/07/2018), besides surpassing 13 dogs, Tart also surpass a peacock, a goat, a chicken, and a cat other.

Tart was selected as ‘Mayor’ in Traverse City, Michigan. He was sworn in at the weekend and conducted a triumphant procession by boarding a small red cart.

A TV reporter pointed to Tart’s microphone and asked what changes he had planned. Tarts of course just give an eye-gaze.

The animal mayoral election was initiated by the Omena Historical Society (OHS). OHS then post photos of candidates that can be selected by the public via their website.

Each voter must spend US $ 1 if they want to vote. The election this time, the committee collected about US $ 7,000

“We suspect there are many voices coming from outside the immediate area due to the reach of the internet and because of our publicity, and because of the ability to receive votes from PayPal, it really expands the number of people who have participated,” said OHS President Keith Disselkoen.