Deceiters of the Hypnotic Mode of King Oil from Singapore Arrested

Deceiters of the Hypnotic Mode of King Oil from Singapore ArrestedThe police arrested fraudsters who launched their actions by hypnotizing their victims and claiming to be the king of oil from Singapore, Tuesday (08/01/2018).

“Yes, it has been arrested. Now it is being intensively examined at the Metro Jaya Police Resmob Sub-Directorate,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKBP Stefanus Tamuntuan when contacted on Thursday (08/02/2018).

He said the police were conducting further investigations. He suspected that the fraudsters had repeatedly committed fraud with a variety of modes. “We are collecting the incoming police reports, including those in South Jakarta and we will delegate them to all Metro Jaya Police,” he said.

Contacted separately, the Jakarta Police Public Relations Head said the suspect who claimed to be a Singaporean foreigner with the initials BS was arrested at the arrival terminal of Husein Sastranagara Airport, Bandung, West Java, yesterday.

“From the hands of the suspect, the police secured evidence in the form of a Bank Permata check sheet worth Rp 1.3 billion and a bundle of ownership certificates,” he said. Hannah (60), is one of the victims of the oil king’s hypnotic fraud.

He reported the fraud to the South Jakarta Police Station on Saturday (07/21/2018). Accompanied by his relatives, Hannah brought evidence in the form of three CCTV recordings and Russian rubles, a business card in the name of Mr. Salim Anan Brother with an office address in Singapore that contained the Shell logo. Also read: Watch out! Fraud With the King of Oil and Hypnotic Victims up to Rp. 40 Million Hannah’s report was recorded in the police report number LP / 1301 / VII / 2018 / RJS.

Met at the same occasion, Nuril, Hannah’s daughter said, at that time Hannah was approached by a man who claimed to be an oil king from Singapore who wanted to ask for an address and claimed he would exchange foreign currency which he kept in his suitcase.

Suddenly an old man came and persuaded Hannah to help “the oil king”. Then came a car that according to the old man was his colleague who worked in the bank.

Because of the hypnotic influence Hannah then entered the car with the old man and the oil king. In the car Hannah was asked to withdraw a sum of money at a bank in the Cipulir region, South Jakarta by the perpetrators.

This type of mode was also experienced by another victim named Sumini. It’s just that the role of the old man in the case of Hannah was replaced by a middle-aged woman. As a result of this incident Hannah suffered a loss of Rp. 40 million, while the losses suffered by Sumini reached Rp. 70 million.