Death toll from the worst floods in India reaches 400 people

Death toll from the worst floods in India reaches 400 peopleFloods in the state of Kerala, India, began to recede. But troops and rescue teams continue to find dead and evacuate residents

The state of Kerala was hit by the worst rainy season in a century, and casualties continue to rise with more than 400 deaths recorded to date.

Helicopters and boats operate to carry out rescue missions against trapped victims, and bring food and water assistance to remote villages.

As many as 22,000 people have been rescued on Sunday (08/19/2018). Meanwhile, around 46 bodies were found within 24 hours.

All villages in Kerala were devastated by the floods. The rescue team is worried that the death toll will increase. At Thrissur, teams found bodies in homes. They are believed to be unable to escape when flood water continues to rise rapidly.

“They don’t think the water will reach as high as 4.5 meters in some places,” said Ashraf Ali, who led the search team. Among the newly discovered deaths, there was a mother and child whose house was destroyed last Saturday night.

Another person is a local man who volunteered for a search and rescue mission. Thousands of military, navy and air force personnel have spread throughout Kerala.

Grief flowed from various parties including from the Vatican. Pope Francis offered a prayer for Kerala. Also read: Flooded Killed Victims in India Increase to 324 People “Our solidarity and concrete support from the international community should be no less for our brothers and sisters,” he said.

Indian authorities say, the amount of infrastructure losses is estimated at US $ 3 billion or around Rp.43.8 trillion. Roads and 134 bridges were damaged, isolating remote areas in hilly districts, which were most severely affected by flooding.