Croatia Better than Argentina, Except Messi

Croatia Better than Argentina, Except MessiNizhny Novgorod – Mateo Kovacic considers that Argentina is too dependent on Lionel Messi. But overall Croatia is better not to be afraid of Albiceleste.

Croatia will face Argentina in the second matchday match of Group D 2018 World Cup. Both teams will compete in Nizhny Novgorod Stadium on Friday (22/06/2018) pm dawn.

Argentina is under pressure after in the first match a 1-1 draw with Iceland. Messi became month-month after the game for failing to execute a penalty to Iceland’s goal.
On the other hand, Croatia was in the wind because it was able to win 2-0 over Nigeria in the first game. Kovacic insists that Croatia must work on the team to kill Messi.
“Argentina is very dependent on Messi, but they are a great team and people have to be careful with players in other positions,” Kovacic said as quoted from Four Four Two.

“We can not prepare one player (to guard Messi) … it is (better) collectively, one on one is quite difficult.The coaching staff will prepare the tactics well for that,” he continued.

“We need not be too afraid of facing Argentina, we are individually better than them, except Messi, and we have to … see ourselves, not others,” the Real Madrid player confirmed.
The Croatian Winger, Ante Rebic, agreed with his colleague’s statement. According to him, 50 percent of the power of Argentina is in Messi.

“Against Argentina we have to unite, Messi is 50 percent of the team, if we survive … together, we have a great chance,” Rebic said.