Croatia: Against Argentina is the Easiest Game

Croatia: Against Argentina is the Easiest GameCroatia coach Zlatco Dalic says the match against Argentina will be the team’s easiest match at the 2018 World Cup.

Croatia and Argentina will face in a Group D match of the 2018 World Cup, at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Russia,

“I’m not saying Argentina is the easiest opponent I say this is the easiest game for us We have no weights We play against one of the best,” he said.
Dalic said no one would expect his side to beat Argentina.

In Group D’s first match, Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0. Meanwhile, Argentina played a draw with Iceland. The pressure is on Leo Messi et al that needs a win to secure the way to the knockout phase.

“We have three points in the pocket,” added Dalic.
Meanwhile, Croatian international midfielder Ivan Rakitic called on his colleagues to be wary of Messi, whom he described as the world’s best player.

“I think Leo is the best player to ever play this game [football], and I hope he has good luck at the World Cup, but not tomorrow [when competing with Croatia],” said Messi’s Barcelona team-mate Rakitic.

“In the first game, Leo had eight shots on target and a penalty opportunity he could score two or three goals easily, but that did not go as usual,” he told Reuters.
Rakitic predicts Argentina will press Croatia aggressively for the sake of victory.

“They [Argentina] have lost points and there is no room for them to miss out on more chances, we expect Argentina to be very aggressive, and since they have the best players in the world we realize they can make life more difficult,” he said.

However, Rakitic said it must believe in the players owned by his team and play the match perfectly.
“To beat Argentina we have to play perfectly and work hard from the first half to the last minute,” said the 30-year-old.

“We have to make them difficult, prevent them from enjoying the game, but most importantly we are enjoying the chance to face one of the favorites of the World Cup and the world’s best players,” he continued.

Separately, Argentine national team coach Jorge Sampaoli called Croatia must be wary of being filled by outstanding players.
“[The match against Croatia] will be difficult: Croatia has a generation with outstanding players who have just won [against Nigeria 2-0],” he added.

Although still dealing with the issue of over-reliance on the star, Argentina admitted there are advantages in itself with Messi’s presence in the field.

“When he [Messi] is guarded by two or three opposing players, somewhere on the pitch our other players are free, as happened against Iceland we have to use them,” Sampaoli said.
Setop Hujat Messi

Instead of mocking, Sampaoli asks fans to appreciate his star effort even though the end result is not always as expected.

In Argentina’s opening match in the 2018 World Cup against Iceland that ended 1-1, Messi did not play well enough and failed to throw the ball despite receiving a penalty.
“Messi can not be the only scapegoat, and when he scores, all the Argentine players celebrate, so when he fails we can not charge him all,” Sampaoli said.

“I talked to him [Messi], ‘this is a World Cup of 40 million [Argentine people] .You make mistakes, I make mistakes, we all make mistakes’ .The team will be together when the situation is good or bad,” he said.