Critical Instant Goal and Business Cristiano Ronaldo

Critical Instant Goal and Business Cristiano RonaldoWorld Cup 2018 presents the Portuguese party against Morocco. This match could return to the ordination of the throne Cristiano Ronaldo as the best football universal.

In the inaugural match against Spain, Ronaldo scored a hat trick against David De Gea and was able to impose a 3-3 draw. The BBC news agency rated 8.13 for Ronaldo’s performance.

Other Portuguese players have a value far below CR7. The closest is Bernardo Silva, it’s worth only 5.98. Far, dear …

Ronaldo is not only great, but reliable. CR7 appearance can always lift the overall performance of the team. That’s what Ronaldo did, either at Manchester United, Real Madrid, until the Portuguese national team.

During Real Madrid’s defense, Ronaldo contributed 450 goals from 438 appearances (goal ratio of 1.03 per game). While at the national team level, Ronaldo contributed 84 goals from 151 matches (ratio of 0.56 goals per game).

Even at the age of 33 years was a physical condition Ronaldo remains prime. Like wine, Ronaldo is getting more valuable with age.

According to CIES Football Observatory, Ronaldo has a ‘price’ of 103.4 million euros. Of the 100 names most expensive footballer version of CIES, Ronaldo ranks 24. But of the 100 names, Ronaldo became the oldest. Age does not preclude Ronaldo from continuing to become an expensive player.

The exceptional performance makes Ronaldo paid handsomely. Not only by Real Madrid, but also a row of sponsors.

Various reputed companies and brands use Ronaldo as their ‘billboard’. Like Tag Heuer, Nike, Unilever, Armani, and so on.

According to Forbes, Ronaldo’s fortune is valued at US $ 108 million. From the hard work, Ronaldo bought a variety of luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, to Bugatti. Even Ronaldo has a private jet, whose price is estimated at US $ 17 million.