Cries in Trafalgar and Hyde Park After England Crouched Croatia

Cries in Trafalgar and Hyde Park After England Crouched CroatiaOriginally dissolved in excitement, but then turned into pain. That’s what most English fans feel after Harry Keane et al defeated Croatia in the 2018 World Cup semi-final.

After the referee blew an ending whistle blow, a British team fan was unable to hold back tears. 31-year-old Laura Russon, as if she did not believe it was a sad ending for her.

Laura is one of about 30,000 Londoners packed in a large park in central London, Hyde Park, to watch a semi-final match on the big screen.

“My heart is broken, I’m really sad,” Laura said with tears in her eyes. His hand still holds an empty bottle of apple juice, the AFP news agency reported.

“But …” her voice still softened, “I’m still 100% proud of them.”
Initially, the cry of victory and excitement was heard from the crowd as Harry Keane et al first ahead after the game runs about five minutes.

Kieran Trippier’s free-kick kick in the top left corner of the goal could not reach the Croatian goalkeeper. The optimism that England are going to the final is slowly growing.

“This is likely to be a historic event,” said 23-year-old man Murad Huseynov, who wore England’s costume.

Another Londoner then raised the England squad in the 1990 World Cup which also advanced to the semi-finals – before being defeated by England.

Shaun Bailey, 48, an IT worker, admitted that their national team was not as sophisticated as Paul ‘Gazza “Gascoigne at the time, but he thought Gareth Southgate’s team was much more compact.

“They’re a compact team,” Bailey said glowing.
Under the blue sky of London, the atmosphere of excitement was then spread. Some of the 3,000 people who packed Hyde Park later celebrated the goal by drinking beer.

This optimism has been seen before the game begins. The event sponsored among others by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, this also colored the spirit that ‘football will return to his home’ will soon be realized.

The slogan began to be blown when England hosted the 1996 European Cup in hopes that they could repeat their triumph while winning the 1966 World Cup at home.

And England’s victory over Sweden in the quarter-finals, making the British citizens began to hope – including hopes of beating Croatia in the semi-finals.

“The atmosphere is incredible,” said Michael Grant, 36, a real estate agent. “I have not seen the situation for a long time.”
But the atmosphere of excitement was not continued after Croatia equalized through Ivan Perisic’s kick in the 68th minute.

And the peak, which marked the silence and tears, when the spearhead of Croatia Mario Mandzukic end the dream of England appear in the final, through his goal in minute 109.

“Opportunities that are already in sight, we failed to achieve,” said 17-year-old Josh Ogunde, who was at the location watching together near Trafalgar, in central London.

Sluggish, he and thousands of others gradually leave Trafalgar. Gloomy situations are also seen in Hyde Park.
Some Londoners still prefer to stay in the location watching together, and they are still voicing optimism even though the dream of winning the world is buried.

“I believe we can be victorious again next time, and before I die I want to see England win the World Cup,” said 17-year-old Ogunde.

The 25-year-old Matt Reece, who works in the marketing department of a private company, said the England team had already surpassed his expectations even though he was disappointed to see his favorite team appearance in the semi-finals.

There is a chance in sight, but they do not embrace it, “he said with a sullen tone.

In Moscow, a number of British supporters who left the Luzhniki station were seen weeping among hundreds of Croatian supporters who were actually celebrating his team’s victory.

“Croatia deserves to win,” said British supporter Mark Burcher, 50, as reported by the Reuters news agency.

However, Burcher has high hopes for Southgate’s team will look better in the next World Cup.

“They’re young.”