Copilot Smoking in the Cockpit Make Chinese Aircraft Drop 6,000 Meters

Copilot Smoking in the Cockpit Make Chinese Aircraft Drop 6,000 MetersAfter conducting an investigation, the Air China airline confirmed that a copilot was using an electronic cigarette in the cockpit. As a result, the Air China plane headed Hongkong to Dalian had lost altitudes of up to 6,000 meters because the copilot made a mistake when turning off the air conditioning system.

A senior official of the China Civil Aviation Administration Agency (CAAC) said Friday, without notifying the captain of the pilot, the copilot tried to turn off the air regulation system.

He wanted to shut down the system to prevent the smoke from his electronic cigarette from spreading to the passenger cabin. Unfortunately, he even pressed another button located adjacent to the air system settings button. As a result, there is a decrease in the level of oxygen in the cabin that triggers a warning related to the iotu aircraft cruising altitude.

Qiao Yibin, a CAAC official, promised to impose heavy sanctions according to the rules that apply to this carelessness if the final conclusion proves the same thing with the initial findings. Previously, Air China’s management fired the pilot and co-pilot assigned to the CA106 flight and asked the CAAC to revoke their flying permits.

The incident occurred on Tuesday (10/7/2018) when the Boeing 737 plane was dropped from a cruising altitude of 10,000 meters to 4,000 meters in less than 10 minutes. The aircraft carried 153 passengers and nine crew on flights scheduled for three hours. Despite the incident, the plane landed safely in Dalian.

A number of Chinese media preach, after losing the cruising altitude, the plane then back up to the level of 7,500 meters and fly to the final destination with the condition of oxygen deprivation in the cabin. Actually, the decrease in oxygen levels in the cabin in quick time can be fatal. In 2005, a plane belonging to Helios Airways airline flying from Cyprus to Greece crashed into a mountain outside of Athens and rented 121 people in it.

The cause of the tragedy turned out to be a reduction in air pressure inside the cabin that made the pilot unconscious. As a result, the Boeing 737 aircraft also happened to fly in autopilot mode until it ran out of fuel. Beijing-based Air China airline has a fleet of more than 600 aircraft. Also read: Air China to Launch Beijing-Hanoi Route Last year the airline and its subsidiaries transported 102 million passengers to six continents.

According to Air China data. The only fatal incident involving Air China occurred in 2002 when a Boeing 787 crashed into a mountain near the southern city of Busan, killing 129 of its 166 people.