Confessing a Prophet Trying to Restore the Bodies But failed and was caught by the police

A man who claimed to be a prophet in Ethiopia was arrested after failing to revive a deceased person.

Ayele’s attempts tried to revive Belay Biftu by lying on top of the body, shouting for the dead to get up. “Belay, get up!” orders Getaywkal to the late Belay Bifttu.

Of course the effort of the “prophet” was unsuccessful and his failure made the late family angry and attacked Getayawkal.

Luckily, the police who arrived soon could save the man’s life. Although it does not mean Getayawkal escaped the problem.

According to Ethiopian law, committing acts considered to be harassing a corpse is unlawful. And, the local police commander said, the man whose day job is a medical staff is now being held.

The experimental incident to awaken the corpse occurred in the small town of Galilee, the Oromia region and recorded the video before it became viral on social media.

The townspeople say Getayawkal originally came to the bereaved family and told the story of Jesus raising the dead Lazarus.

Armed with the story in the New Testament book, Getayawkal convinced the late family to dig Belay’s tomb.

After the tomb of the deceased was dug and the body was removed apparently Getayawkal failed to revive Belay. As a result some members of the deceased family fell unconscious at the location of the tomb and the rest rampage then beat Getayawkal.