Chinese Workers Build New Railway Lines in 3.5 Hours

Chinese Workers Build New Railway Lines in 3.5 HoursChina is currently very ambitious in building infrastructure in the country including building new railways. One of China’s advantages is its efficiency and speed at work.

It was proven on Thursday (12/7/2018) when a group of workers build a new railway in southern China.

A total of 500 bone-brutal workers connect two old railway lines with the new fast railway line at Hejiacun Stasiuan, Zhangjiajie Town.

And, they really work effectively and quickly because within 3.5 hours the new rail line is installed.

A video released by China’s Tiesjiu Civil Engineering Group shows the process of railway work.

The video shows how the workers pushed the steel rails together, installed the weights to balance the rails, before tethering the old and new rails. The new line is part of a 339-kilometer long Qian-Zhang-Chang railway line scheduled for completion in 2019.

The railway line will connect a crowded city of Chongqing to Changde city in Hunan province and cross the Zhangjiajie tourist town. People’s Daily Daily reported. With speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour, this train can cut travel time between cities in southern China.

Currently, a train journey from Chongqing to Changsa, the capital of Hunan province takes at least 11 hours. If the fast railway line is completed, then the journey between the two major cities only takes four hours.

This is not the first time Chinese workers have shown a fast and effective performance. In January, as many as 1,500 workers built a new rail network at a station in Fujian province in just nine hours.