Chinese Tourist Killed in a Hippopotamus in Kenya

Chinese Tourist Killed in a Hippopotamus in KenyaA hippo bites a tourist from China in Kenya. As a result of the bite, the Chinese tourist was killed.

Reporting from BBC News, Monday (08/13/2018), a tourist named Chang Ming Chuang (66) was walking in a wildlife resort on Lake Naivasha. When he was about to take a photo, he was bitten by a hippopotamus and suffered severe injuries to his body.

Besides Ming Chuang, the hippopotamus also bit one other Chinese tourist named Wu Peng Te until he was injured. Witnesses said the two tourists came too close to animals near the Sopa hotel.

Ming Chuang initially was rushed to the hospital. But he died of bleeding. Whereas Peng Te was treated at Naivasha District Hospital.

Chair of the Lake Naivasha Shipowners Association, David Kilo told the Star newspaper in Kenya that rising water levels had reduced grassland areas for hippos, forced them to farms and hotel land, and improved relations between mammals and humans.

Kenya’s Wildlife Service is now tracking the hippopotamus concerned. Hippos themselves are aggressive animals, have sharp teeth and weigh up to 2.750kg and kill about 500 people every year in Africa.