Bye Bye Messi, Maradona Still Holds the World Cup

Bye Bye Messi, Maradona Still Holds the World CupMaybe this is the last World Cup a Lionel Messi. That’s what caused him to still be compared to Diego Maradona.

Comparisons that question who the greatest Argentine footballer of all time.

Until before Messi began to be a star with his club, Barcelona, ​​Maradona was always the most powerful in the eyes of the people of Argentina. Any controversy Maradona figure off the field, he was considered a “god” by his country.
What Maradona did at the 1986 World Cup – he was considered “one man show” in the Argentine squad for the championship, was seen far beyond the achievements of Daniel Passarella, Osvaldo Ardiles, or Mario Kempes, as key figures as Argentina won the Cup His first world in 1978.

Maradona’s status began to be “disturbed” since Messi grabbed the first Ballon d’Or trophy, second and so on, up to five times. He was so dominant during the Blaugrana uniform in La Liga.

However, every time Messi wore Albiceleste costumes, the question always came up: could he donate the World Cup, as Maradona did?

Messi has tried it four times, namely in the World Cup 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018. Best Kans occurred four years ago in Brazil, when he took his team to the final round. However, Messi failed because Argentina finally defeated Germany.
Also with this year in Russia. Argentina even eliminated in the last 16, losing 3-4 from France tonight (30/6). With the age of 31 years, chances are there is no more chance for Messi.

And Maradona, always hysterically watching his juniors from VIP stadiums in Russia, remains the last captain to ever present the World Cup trophy for Argentina … 32 years ago.