British Brexit Minister Resigns

British Brexit Minister ResignsThe British plan after leaving the EU (Brexit) was hit by news that Brexit Minister David Davis and his deputy, Steve Baker, resigned on Sunday (8/7).

Davis and Baker’s resignation was a severe blow to Prime Minister Theresa May seeking to unite the party, while strengthening economic ties with the EU despite leaving the block.

“The policy direction in general makes our position weak in negotiations, and may be inevitable,” Davis said in a letter to May as quoted by AFP on Monday (9/7).

Baker’s resignation was reported by a number of British media. The resignation was announced two days after the cabinet approved a plan to cancel talks with Brussels, in a meeting with PM May in Checkers, UK.

According to Davis, the plan made “the control that the Parliament ought to be an illusion”

Davis criticized the “general rule book” proposal, which allowed free trade, saying it was like “handing control of most of our economy to the EU rather than restoring our legal control in the true sense of the word.”

“I’m also not convinced that our negotiation approach will not only demand further concessions,” he said, stressing that the Brexit Ministry needs ‘someone enthusiastic about your approach and not just doing obligations reluctantly’.

May in reply to the letter stating his Brexit plan, ‘will undoubtedly restore Brussels’s strength to Britain’ and in line with its commitment to leave the EU sole and custom markets.

“I thank you for everything you did for the last two years as the State Minister who formed our exit from the European Union,” said May.