Bridge Jump, Bosnian-style Maturity Test

Bridge Jump, Bosnian-style Maturity TestMostar City in Bosnia holds an extreme sporting tradition every year, which is to jump free from Stari Most Bridge as high as 24 meters.

This annual tradition has long been held, precisely 400 years ago.

This year 16-year-old Emil Petrovic became the youngest participant.

Together with dozens of other participants, he pitted the courage to jump into the Neretva River under the bridge.

“Here every adult young man must participate to test his courage,” said Petrovic.

Last year his mother forbade him to participate in this tradition.

But this year the father managed to persuade the mother.

The Stari Most Bridge was built since the era of Ottoman rule, around 1566’s.

This bridge was destroyed during the Bosnian War in 1993.

But in 2004 this bridge was rebuilt and became a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site.

The youth tradition of jumping from the bridge was first performed by Mehmed Zilli (also known as Evliya Celebi) in the 17th century.

The world explorer wrote his experience in his book entitled ‘Book of Travel’.

“This bridge looks like an arrow and jumps from it like an arrow,” he wrote.

Not only young people from Mostar who participated in the tradition held on Sunday (29/7). A total of 40 foreign tourists also joined adrenalinnya called.

“It feels very nice,” Petrovic said after successfully jumping.

He was seen swimming while clenching his fists, while the audience cheered on the edge of the river.

“I want to pass on this tradition, and at the same time want to challenge myself to be bolder and mature,” he continued.