Brazil vs Costa Rica Prediction: Be Aware Of The Surprises In St. Petersburg Petersburg

Brazil vs Costa Rica Prediction: Be Aware Of The Surprises In St. Petersburg PetersburgBrazil face Costa Rica in the second leg of Group E World Cup 2018. Potential surprises that will happen in Saint Petersburg interesting anticipated.

Brazil vs Costa Rica will be held at Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Friday (22/06/2018). Both teams meet in conditions of both seeking outlet.

Brazil in the first game only able to play a 1-1 draw with Switzerland. As Costa Rica lost 0-1 to Serbia, which put them in the position of Group E caretaker for a while.
In the game against Switzerland, Brazil who appear to dominate just missed. Poor final settlement makes them difficult to score, even conceded after winning first.

Neymar et al. recorded a release of 20 shots, but only four are on target and one goal. The Swiss solid game can tear the Selecao goalkeeper and force a draw.

Well, a solid game that is shown Costa Rica against Serbia. Despite losing 0-1 through a free kick goal, Oscar Ramirez’s team was able to appear promising.

Statistics noted, Keylor Navas et al. can offset the Serbian game throughout the game. Even Costa Rica can be said to be lost only because less shaded by Goddess Fortuna because conceded through dead ball scheme.

Motivation to win, or just to steal points, is shown manly by Costa Rica ahead of the game against Brazil. Ramirez claimed to have prepared a strategy to dampen the Samba Team.
“Neymar is a player with amazing skill and really we will see how people will be a bit aggressive to stop him.We have our own strategy and let’s see what happens.Would we keep it with two people? Let’s wait But of course we not wanting to see any unfair offense for him, “Ramirez said.
Neymar himself looks less fit in the last exercise. He limped that made his condition a question, although it has been confirmed well by the team.

Of course Brazil can not rely on a Neymar. But the superstar confirmed his readiness to face the ‘war’ at Saint Petersburg Stadium.
“We have to look as good as we can, we’ve been listening to the Costa Rica movement, although the most important thing is to focus on our own game,” Neymar said some time ago.

Brazil will definitely insist on victory, considering the last game is quite difficult that is against Serbia. If you want to open the opportunity to qualify for the big 16, three points is the price to die for Tite’s team.

In his meeting record, Brazil has met five times with Costa Rica. The five matches were swept with victory, two of which were won at the 1990 and 2002 World Cups.

If you look at the statistics and material players, of Brazil is superior. But Costa Rica, who played nicely in the inaugural game, could have given a defeat or forced a draw for the opponent. Therefore, interesting awaited surprise what happened in Saint Petersburg.