Bolivian women have the chance to become the oldest in the world

Bolivian women have the chance to become the oldest in the worldJulia Flores Colque is still able to sing joyfully in Quecha. He even still able to pick Charango, guitar strings of five musical instruments typical of the Andes Mountains.

What is special? All activities of Julia Flores are special because this woman is 117 years old.

At a very long age, Julia had experienced many things that many people had only become historical records.

Julia passed two world wars, the Bolivian revolution, and the change of Sacaba, the village where she lived became a city.

In Julia’s youth, Sacaba was just a quiet village of 3,000 people. And in less than 50 years it has become a city with 175,000 residents.

Based on the identity card, Julia Flores was born on October 26, 1900 in a mining camp in the mountains of Bolivia. Aged almost 118 years, Julia Flores has the chance to become the oldest woman in the world after the “defending champion” of the Tajima from Japan died earlier this year at the age of 117 years.

Unfortunately, Guinness World Records said it did not accept the application related to Julia Flores and this woman did not care about the record-breaking. Julia Flores’ birth certificate was not recorded in Bolivia until 1940.

Previously, proof of his birth was only based on a baptism letter from the Catholic Church. In their daily life, this super old woman lives with some of her pet animals such as dogs, cats and roosters.

At this very twilight age, Colque’s ability to hear Flores declined. However, his vision is still very good and can still scold his dog, Blanquita, who is trying to explore the highway.

A few years ago, he was still able to walk quickly before falling and having a wound on his back. The doctor sentenced him, he could not walk anymore, but the doctor’s verdict was broken by Julia who could then walk again.

He currently lives with his nephews Agustina Berna (65) on the ground floor of his residence in Sacaba. In childhood, women over a century worked to herd sheep and Ilama in the Bolivian mountains.

Then as a teenager, he moved to the valley area to start selling fruit and vegetables.