Bite the Catcher, the 7-Meter Piton Fryed by Residents

Bite the Catcher, the 7-Meter Piton Fryed by ResidentsA resident of Belimbing Village, Batang Gangsal District, Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) District, Riau Province named Robert Nababan (37) was attacked by python species.

The victim is bitten while trying to catch the large snake. The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital due to severe injuries on the wrist.

While the python was killed, then fried by residents. “The snake that attacks the victim is 7 meters long.

The victim was bitten in the left hand. At present the victims are being treated in Indrasari Regional Hospital, Pematang Reba, “Inhu Police Chief AKBP Arif Bastari said

Batang Gangsal police chief, Iptu Sutarja, explained the unfortunate events experienced by Robert Nababan.

According to him the incident happened
at Belimbing Village, the area of ​​a company, PT SSK, Inhu. The victim who was riding a motorcycle when he arrived at the location, saw several residents stop on the road.

It turned out that people were afraid to cross because there was a large snake crossing the road.

Seeing this condition, Robert Nababan contacted a number of his friends. Not long after a few friends who were snake hunters came. They also tried to catch the snake.

Robert, who works as a security everyday, catches the head. “When Robert will put the victim’s head into the sack, the snake fights.

The snake bites his hand. The victim tried to release, but the snake’s grip was getting stronger. Even the snake tries to wrap it around. Some of the victim’s friends tried to help him. “How long does snake bite take off,” said Sutarja.