Besides Randomized Ikea, England Hooligans Damage Ambulances and Taxis

Besides Randomized Ikea, England Hooligans Damage Ambulances and TaxisThe success of England into the 2018 World Cup semi-final was greeted with great euphoria across the country. Unfortunately there is a group of fans who do the act of destruction.

Great party held by British supporters after Harry Kane et al 2-0 victory over Sweden in the 2018 World Cup. For the first time in 28 years, the Three Lions entered the World Cup semifinals.

All over the country, the victory party was held simultaneously. Some of them until the end of the act of destruction.
Reported by the BBC, dozens of supporters had a victory party at one Ikea outlet. They jumped up and down on the couch and mattress that made the display. The goods in the Swedish furniture store went unbroken.
In London, supporters who party down to the streets also cause some chaos. In addition to causing traffic jams, there are also supporters stopping ambulances and taxis passing by and dancing and singing on it.
In Nottingham, congestion occurs at many points because fans are partying and celebrating victory on the way. This has caused tram services in the city to be disturbed.
While in Birmingham some reckless supporters take the bus level. This incident made the British police work hard to secure the situation and maintain order.

Still reported by the BBC, the number of K-9 policemen deployed to maintain order even more than at New Year’s Eve. But even the dogs owned by the police became the target of the English supporters because they came from Germany.