Bermuda Triangle Secrets Revealed!

Bermuda Triangle Secrets Revealed!More than 100 years the Bermuda Triangle has been feared by skipper, pilots and travelers because there are many who are harmed there. That mystery might be revealed now.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of ​​700 thousand km2 in the form of a triangle between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico on the Americas. For more than 100 years the area has been carrying ships and planes with more than 100 people killed.

Ships and planes disappear mysteriously or accidents with unknown reasons. But as reported by several media such as Australian, Friday (08/03/2018) the mystery seems to have found an answer.

Are researchers from the University of Southampton in England who are researching seriously the Bermuda Triangle problem. Reported by The Sun UK, these researchers say the secret of the Bermuda Triangle is a ferocious wave.

This ferocious wave was seen in 1997 satellite and the wave height can be 30 meters! The scientists then released the documentary film ‘The Bermuda Triangle Enigma’.

They conducted an indoor simulation by remaking the USS Cyclops ship which was lost in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918 carrying 300 soldiers. It was proven that this ship was destroyed by fierce waves.

“There are storms from the north and south coming together. There are more storms coming from Florida. This could potentially form dangerous dangerous waves. The waves are upright, high, can be more than 30 meters. The bigger the ship, the more damaged it is,” said Dr Simon Boxall , one of the scientists.

The sinister story of the Bermuda Triangle began to be written in 1950. The authorities at that time only realized many ship accidents in the region since decades before. Then not only the ship, even the plane was wretched there.

Even more horrifying, mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle continue to occur until now. The last event was 2017. MU-2B propeller aircraft with four tourists flying from Puerto Rico to Florida, just off the Bahamas coast.

Until now the plane and the victims have never been found. Believe not to believe it.