Beckham promises to buy Ibrahimovic furniture if Sweden wins

Beckham promises to buy Ibrahimovic furniture if Sweden winsDavid Beckham accepted Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s challenge to bet in Sweden vs England in the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals.

Earlier, Ibra had publicly promised to treat Beckham to dinner wherever a place to eat in the world if England won.

This he wrote in a photo uploaded on Instagram @iamzlatanibrahimovic account. In the photo Ibra was playing against Beckham in a match in the past.
But if Sweden win, Ibra wants Beckham to buy whatever Ibrahim wants in Ikea Sverige furniture store.

Beckham then replied to Ibra’s statement in the photo comment field.

“Zlatan Ibrahimovic If Sweden win, I will personally take you to Ikea Sverige and buy whatever you need for your new big house in LA Galaxy,” Beckham said.

“But if England win, I want you to come to England and watch England at Wembley in British uniform and enjoy the fish and chips at the break,” he added.
Ibra then photographed Beckham’s statement and uploaded it to his personal instagram time line. “David Beckham, we agreed.Come on Sweden,” he said.

“We [the Swedish team] do not need luck, we have done well to win,” he continued.
Ikea Sverige also welcomed Ibra with Iceland Beckham. This Swedish furniture store also plans to give free food to the two special guests.

“Yo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.When the Swedish national team wins and you bring David Beckham, we will treat you with kottbullar and lingonberry, hopefully the medium size is enough for you, okay?” he said.
Sweden had 24 times meeting England in all events by winning seven meetings, eight losing, while the rest ended in a draw. The last time the two countries met in the friendly match in November 2012, Sweden won 4-2 thanks to the appearance ciamik Ibra.