Beckham champion England Vs Argentina in the 2018 World Cup Final

Beckham champion England Vs Argentina in the 2018 World Cup FinalFormer England captain David Beckham has named the 2018 World Cup prediction. He is guessing Argentina and England will meet in the final.

England managed to beat Tunisia 2-1 in the inaugural match World Cup 2018. Argentina held 1-1 by Iceland.

Both teams start the tournament with different results and ways. But, Beckham is optimistic Argentina will return to the finals like four years ago.
Who is the opposite? Bekcham championed Britain for its subjectivity.
“I believe Argentina will play against England in the final (World Cup 2018) .Our choice is England to win the competition, but it shows I am biased and too excited about my own country,” he told AFP.

Beckham is very happy England can win in the inaugural game. But, the figure who received a red card against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup is asking the UK is not lulled.

“I’m glad they won in the group’s first game but England are a young team that does not have much experience, but their journey in the World Cup will be harder and harder because there are so many good teams in this tournament.”

Beckham appeared with the England team in three World Cup events, namely 1998, 2002, and 2006. At each event, he scored at least one goal. Especially in 2002, he made one goal victory of England to the goal of Argentina in Sapporo, Japan.