Beautiful Sanur Village Festival 2018 Show Traditional and Modern Art

Beautiful Sanur Village Festival 2018 Show Traditional and Modern ArtThe 2018 Sanur Village Festival (SVF) raises the potential for micro, small and medium business actors to develop further, including utilizing the non-cash payment system during the annual event on August 22-26 2018.

“In the future, the payment system will be more sophisticated with non-cash and we want to educate businesses through this festival,” said SVA General Chairman Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra in Denpasar on Friday (08/24/2018).

According to him, during the five-day tourism event, there were around 80 MSME players who rented a booth at 2018 SVF held at Matahari Beach in Sanur.

Of that number, 50 of them are MSMEs engaged in the culinary sector, or up about five percent compared to the previous year.

Culinary sensations from stalls to restaurants and five-star hotels sold at food bazaars can be enjoyed by tourists or visitors at affordable prices.

Every transaction that occurs, the seller and buyer use “Boost”, the financial service application that is invited to work together for the first time in the implementation of SVF 2018.

Visitors do not make cash payments but scan the bar codes printed on each booth so that payments are automatically deducted from the balance stored on the cellphone.

His party targets an increase in visitors to 10 percent compared to last year which reached around 100,000 people.

The festival, which has been held since 2006, will be enlivened by performances of traditional Balinese culture and the archipelago mingling with various types of modern music.

Colossal ballet performances, art creativity displayed to the public such as body painting, art and photography exhibitions, sculpture use the ice and fruit that were mixed during the festival.

Various competitions such as marathon, triathlon, futsal, tennis, golf, surfing, “wind surfing”, fishing competitions, jukung parades and other water sports are added value to the festival.